Open AV Spaniel Trial

Open AV Spaniel Trial, except Cockers (held on 11th December 2019)

An excellent all-round trialing day

Our Open Spaniel stake was held at the Maristowe Shoot by kind invitation of the owner Mr Laws and Headkeeper Gary Liddle. An excellent trial with the Open standard dogs truly tested in Westcountry bramble; there were a few scratched noses but that didn’t stop the ever-eager spaniels entering cover and finding the game that proved to be there. There were times when the only way that handlers knew where their dogs were, was by watching the brambles quiver.

Wes Thomas and Paddy Williams were our judges for the day, and with the help of the guns who shot so well for us, they were able to find the winner without the need for a run-off. A full set of awards reflected the high standard of the dogs competing on the day.

We were particularly pleased to welcome Kevin John as a competitor. Kevin is the son of the late Dave John who was the instigator of the very first spaniel trial in the Club and was the generous donor of our truly unique trophy, the Bridacombe Shield. It was a very poignant moment for Kevin when he was asked to present the Shield to winner Stuart Morgan.

The win makes Stuart’s four year old bitch Bishwell Braith up to a Field Trial Champion and qualifies her to run in the Spaniel Championship at Blenheim in January 2020 – good luck Stuart!

Awards :
1st   – Bishwell Braith         – Stuart Morgan
2nd – Creccamarsh Virtue – Richard Biggs
3rd  – Beanhill Sansa of Episcopi            – Anita Jones
4th  – Countryways Railey of Windrush – Dave Templar

Certificate Of Merit & Gun’s Choice : Thistlepark Fred – Caroline Rawlings

Other Certificates Of Merit :
Halwinryston Rustler of Spannerwood, Wayne Swiggs
Lanymynydd Patch of Tylacoch, Jeff Ayres
Kilhopemoss Pepperpot, Dave Hodgson
Escob Floss, Alice Wise

Thanks go to :  Everyone involved, particularly Gary and his team for putting on the trial and shooting for us, and, of course, to our judges Wes and Paddy.

Judge Wes Thomas (right) and handler Jeff Ayres, keep an eye on the far side, while a retrieve is completed.

Handlers and their eager spaniels waiting their turn to run.

Headkeeper and Gun, Gary Liddle, on full alert.

A stylish retrieve of a cock pheasant by Creccamarsh Virtue for handler Richard Biggs.

What’s going on across there? Judge Paddy Williams just checking out with his steward John West.

A very special moment – Kevin John (centre) presents the Bridacombe Shield to the winner
of the stake Stuart Morgan, with some assistance from Jeremy Davies.

The winners and judges (left to right) Anita Jones, Dave Templar, Wayne Swiggs, Dave Hodgson, 
Stuart Morgan, Headkeeper Gary Liddle, Caroline Rawlings, Paddy Williams, Richard Biggs, Wes Thomas 
and Alice Wise.