Field Trial Results 2023/24


NDWGC One day Open Retriever Trial at Honeycombe Shoot Dorset on 5 October 2023

A fabulous day with the guns shooting superbly and some really good dog work with a mix of walk up and a challenging drive in woodland, testing the dogs natural hunting ability.  The club is so grateful to Mike and Antonia Appleby and their great team, allowing us to be here today and their wonderful hospitality for the guns, Judges, helpers and competitors is really appreciated. 

A huge thank you to Nick Jordan and his team of guns who support our day and always put plenty of birds on the ground for our competitor’s.

Thank you to Skinners and Gamekeepers Goods for their generous sponsorship 

Thank you to our judges Mrs Jayne Coley, Mr Phil Bruton, Miss Helen Goodwin and Mr Keith Sandercock and my wonderful team of Top Helpers Chief Steward Sally Jenkins, Laurie Pittaway, Alex Brain, John Mixture and Matt Gould.


1st Martin Bagg with Packmores Teal (making him up to FTCH subject to KC confirmation) 

2nd Simon Hansell with Jobeshill Barbuda of Rimrock 

3rd Keith Broomfield with Goldieslie Meadow Platt of Ticefield 

Guns Choice Paul Truby with Greenbriar Sorceror of Millershook  

Keepers Choice (Kindly donated by Gamekeepers Goods) was Simon Hansell with Jobeshill Barbuda of Rimrock.

Stake 2 Open AV Spaniel (exc. Cockers)

Our first spaniel trial of the season was the Open Av on 21st October with Bryan Stevens and Family at Spreacombe. The day started wet, but the weather was kind with the day drying up, and with plenty of birds, it proved to be an excellent trial. Our thanks go to Bryan and Family for hosting our trial, our Judges Martin Ashman and Lenny Wingfield and to the Guns, the Helpers and Stops who all made the day run smoothly. And of course to all the Competitors who came to support the Club and run their dogs –

1st Heathcroft Declan of Breckmarsh – Lee Cooper (making the dog up to FTCH)

2nd & Guns Choice Glynvilla Guineas – Jeff Rayner

3rd Dashbrook Midsummer – Steve Bolton

4th Cudannsa Skye of Dolbrenin – Jeremy Davies


Cudannsa Rum of Llechrydd – Wesley Thomas

Borrikanni Kearney – Nicki Hunter

Steltella Silver Pigeon – Tracey Corbin

Syncerus Saxon of Flintwood – John Cook

Draigcoch Ella – Alice Wise

Wiscombe Muscat – Morwenna McNally

Rytex Rymi – Nick Gregory