Field Trial Results 2017

Field Trial Results 2017

STAKE 1 Novice Stake for Cocker Spaniels – CANCELLED.


STAKE 2 Open Qualifying Stake for Cocker Spaniels

Held at the Spreacombe Shoot by kind permission of Mr Bryan Stevens and the Dennis Family on Wednesday 18th October 2017.

Judges: Mr Gareth Davies (A3136) and Mr Tom Sheppard (B2476)

  1. Poolgreen Diesel owned by Derek Lee and handled by Will Clulee. The win gained Poolgreen Diesel FTCH status.
  2. FTCH Tembokali Selous owned and handled by Will Clulee
  3. Braebeate Amok Owned and handled by Mrs Elizabeth Kennard
  4. Windwithe Black Widow owned and handled by Jeremy Davies

COM: Killylin Lace owned and handled by Simon Blackman & Howesyke Daisy owned and handled by James Luxford also taking the Guns’ Choice Award.

STAKE 3 Open Stake for AV Retrievers

Held at The North Molton Shoot, by kind permission of the North Molton Syndicate and Headkeeper Mr Robert Mitchell on Wednesday 25th October.

Judges: Mr Robert Atkinson (A5) Mr Tim Shipp (A1916), Mr Keith Broomfield (B2214), and Mr Ken Green (B3366)

  1. Cynhinfa Nat of Liliarch – Shane Padbury
  2. FTCH Magbar Tamora – Martin Bagg

Guns’ Choice: Helen Goodwin

STAKE 4 Novice Stake for AV Retrievers

Held at The Hall Shoot, Bishop’s Tawton, Devon by kind permission of Mr Jeremy Boyd and Headkeeper Steve Snell on Wednesday 15th November 2017.

Judges: Mr Steve Ashby (A2549), Mr Keith Sandercock (B2498), Mrs Liz Taylor (B3536) and Mr John Hodge (NP3463 )

  1. Mell Brooks – Ticefield Redwing of Anningtonbay
  2. Lindy Higham Rivermellon Isabella
  3. Roland Stacey Somerset Barney
  4. Ken Spraling Hemington Noggin

COM: Robin Grey Haraka Kat of Grayspeed.

Guns’ Choice: Mike Jones

STAKE 5 Novice Stake for AV Spaniels (except Cocker Spaniels)

Held at Temple Shoot, by kind permission of Headkeeper Daniel Hartford and Jeremy Boyd on Wednesday 29th November 2017.
Judges: Mr Jeff Rayner (A1397) and Mr Andy Faulkner (NP 3747)
  1. Bucklawren Kadiz Simon Jones
  2. Clentonhill Floyd Simon Blackman
  3. Kilhopemoss Bedevilled Mike Hoskin (and guns choice)
  4. Kilhopemoss Gilberto of Spannerwood Wayne Swiggs

COM: Burtlemoor Onyx Rob Wilmott, Shoscombe Marsh Harrier Ian Wyler and Trewonal Flake John Pascoe.

STAKE 6 Open Qualifying Stake for AV Spaniels (except Cocker Spaniels)

Held at  The Maristow Shoot, Roborough, Devon by kind permission of the Maristow Shoot and Head-keeper Mr Gary Liddle on Wednesday 6th December 2017.
Judges: Mr David Anderson (A1937) and Mr Alastair Ross (B2694)

  1. FTCH Rothievale Maple of Edgegrove Jeremy Organ
  2. Rydanlue Riffle Chris Davis
  3. Rothievale Privet of Cindersash Oliver Organ
  4. Avonharrier Trigger Paul Young

COM: Lawsanna Mightyu Mac of Glintwood John Cook, Bucklawren Kritic of Tylacoch Jeff Ayres , Syncerus Schiller of Beanhill Tom Sheppard (also guns choice) and Caegarn Eclaire Kev Shapland.

STAKE 7 Open Stake for AV Retrievers

Held at The Castle Hill Estate, Filleigh, Devon by kind permission of the Castle Hill Shoot and Head-keeper Mr Brian Mitchell on Thursday 7th December 2017.
Judges: Mrs Gwen Knox (A82) Mr Roger Tozer (A143) Mr Mike Larkin (A3043) and Mr Steve Ashby

  1. Steve Newitt (made his dog up to be FTCH)
  2. Alan Ging

STAKE 8 Novice Stake for AV Retrievers

Held at The Chargot Estate by kind permission of Gwyn Evans, Head-Keeper Mr Dan Smith and Estate Manager Mr Jack Axtell. on 22nd December 2017.
Judges: Mr Nick Coates (A2223), Mr Roger Wade (B1704) Mr Gary Vilder (NP 2722)
and Mr Bruce Ross-Smith (NP2782)

  1. Mark Bettinson with Lab b Kinagar Jude’s Law.
  2. Stewart North with Lab d Northglen Crumble.
  3. Jill Gardner with GR d Polihale Grizzly Bear of Foxcote.
  4. Andy Parkin with Lab d Greenbriar Ruble of Beaconoar.

COMs: Jess Latham’s Lab d Zennawood Pitch Perfect and Joy Venturi Rose’s Lab b Leospring Tay.