The North Devon Working Gundog Club is a very active Club with more than 600 members at the most recent count. It was formed in 1985 with an initial membership of only thirty to further the training of retrievers.

It has subsequently expanded to include spaniels in the training programme, to run working tests and field trials and also run a busy promotional programme at summer shows and country events (see Club History for a full account).

Members of the Club live mainly in the South West but some members are prepared to travel from far flung parts of the British Isles to participate in Club events.

The Club is affiliated to the Kennel Club and many of the Club events are run under Kennel Club rules and regulations.

A Newsletter is produced in Spring and Autumn giving detailed information of Club activities. The website keeps members informed of club news and provides additional and up to date information on events and results of competitions.

New members are always made welcome and every encouragement is given to individuals, young or not so young, who want to learn, or improve, their gundog handling skills.



Mr H Thomas


Vice Presidents

Mrs I Dickenson

Mr B Mitchell

Mr L Oldham

Mr B Stevens



Graham Dibble


Vice Chairman

Geraldine Davis


Membership Secretary

Laurie Pittaway 


General Secretary

Jane Bosley



Sharon Stone


Field Trial Secretary – Retrievers

Beth Payne


Field Trial Secretary – Spaniels

Hazel Crockford


Working Test Secretary – Retrievers

Rachel Waldron


Working Test Secretary – Spaniels

Hazel Crockford


Training Coordinator, Sales and Promotions

Graham Dibble


Newsletter and Website

Laurie Pittaway


Facebook Page Editor

Graham Dibble/Beth Payne (Temp Stand-ins)


Committee members

Mandy Smith

Julie Adams