Novice AV Spaniel Trial

Novice AV Spaniel Trial (held on 21st November 2019)

A very good entry

The Club’s Novice AV Spaniel (except Cockers) stake received a very good entry from members and was held at the Temple Shoot, Filleigh by kind invitation of Shoot Manager Jeremy Boyd and Keeper Will Neate.  Judges for the day were Dave Rayner and Wayne Swiggs.

We started working wide hedgerows around the perimeter of a maize stubble that was an attraction for pheasants – some good flag work moved them to the field margins to provide flushes for the dogs that were prepared to get into the hedges.  This led us on to some mature woodland with bramble understorey, good holding cover for birds.  Dogs had to work hard but game was there to be found.  Most dogs coped with the typical Westcountry cover, although a few of the younger entrants found the bramble just a little too daunting.

At the end of the day the judges called for a run-off between Alice Wise’s black and white bitch Esgob Floss and Jeff Ayres liver and white bitch Kirstzo Geo of Tylacoch.

A welcome glass of port, with soup and sausages greeted us back at the Shoot Lodge where the presentations were made.

Awards :
1st & Guns’ Choice – Esgob Floss – Alice Wise
2nd – Kirstzo Geo of Tylacoch – Jeff Ayres

Certificates Of Merit :
Breckmarsh Elva of Carkees, Margaret Cox
Breckmarsh Dusty, Peter Amor
Thistlepark Fred, Caroline Rawlings

Thanks go to :  The judges, Will and his team of guns who shot well for us, the stop who pushed birds out of the fields into cover, together with Skinners who sponsored the day.

All keen and ready to roll

Will Neate (second from right) and his team of guns.

The Chief Steward Jeremy Davies with an early Christmas hat, or was it the red flag ?

Martin Bell is watched attentively by his young spaniel while he waits for a retrieve on the other side of the hedge, watched by Chris Pope

Picker-up Neil Harris, well loaded with game

Alice Wise takes a bird from her bitch Esgob Floss

The award winners and judges (left to right) Wayne Swiggs, Dave Rayner, Alice Wise, Caroline Rawlings, Peter Amor, Jeff Ayres and Margaret Cox