Open A.V Retriever Working Test

Sunday 3rd April – Open A.V Retriever Working Test held at The North Molton Shoot, by kind permission of Robert Mitchell, the North Molton Syndicate and the Kellaway family.

Judges: Sally Jenkins, Margaret Allen and Graham Dibble.


  1. Morvenne Cougar at Tunnelwood – Sally Ashby
  2. Lillyhorne Peregrine – Caroline Nunnely
  3. Cadover Damsel Fly at Tunnelwood – Steve Ashby
  4. Ellies Tigerlily at Kitleylawn – Adrian Dimmick

C of M – Tunnelwood Peppershrike – Steve Ashby

C of M – FTCh Hanrebor Blackberry – Frank Fitheridge

C of M – Grayspeed Kapuki – Robin Gray