Field Trial: Stake 7 Novice Stake for AV Spaniels

The Club’s second AV Novice Spaniel stake was held on the Heanton Shoot, Merton by kind invitation of Lord and Lady Clinton and Headkeeper Kevin Brosnan. The trial was judged by Martin Ford and Sally Jenkins. The first day of December proved to be the coldest day of the winter so far, which meant that scent was not good. However, the spaniels found game including a number of woodcock, in some hard going and by early afternoon we had a result. The hot soup waiting back in Kevin’s Landrover was most welcome.

  1. Bucklawren Kritic of Tylacoch Jeff Ayres
  2. Cornormarsh James of Blaisodell Robin Sims
  3. Burtlemoor Onyx Keith Drinkwater
  4. Loperwood Ernie Nick Cox


Chilly of the Mountaine Robert Wilmott

Farlacombe Jayne Tony Kandes

Edwardiana Jumping Jazz of Halwynryston Mike Hoskins

Guns’ Choice: Thistleford Eclipse Sara Chichester

Kirsty Cup: Bucklawren Kritic of Tylacoch Jeff Ayres

You can find all the results from 2016 here: