AV Retriever Working Test Puppy followed by the Novice working test results

3. Sunday 9th July – AV Retriever Working Test Puppy followed by the Novice working test (incorporating young handler)

Venue – The Temple Shoot by kind permission of Jeremy Boyd and Daniel Hartford.

Puppy Results:

  1. Fendawood Jacob Kevin Philips
  2. Jade of Skeviot Simon Hagain
  3. Kaliture Coconut Star of Foxcote Jill Gardner
  4. Movenne Sabine Barbara Dolman

Novice Results:

  1. Zennawood Dark Angel Jessica Latham
  2. Laverton Meadow Cowslip Sarah Lowman
  3. Percy Pine of Skylight Jo Fergie
  4. Polihle Grizzly Bear Jill Gardner


Young Handler – 

Judges: Keith Sandercock, Roger Davies, Graham Dibble and Julie Taylor.