April 2022, Newsletter – Including Chairmans comments and schedule of events


As well as a very full programme of club events this summer our Field Trial Secretaries have already been very busy. Three Retriever trials are confirmed – two Open Retriever Stakes, including a walked up, plus a Novice – and four Spaniel Stakes, an Open and Novice for Cockers and an Open and Novice for AV Spaniels (except Cockers).


We are delighted that after such difficult times a full programme of events is planned for this year. The help of all our volunteers and the Shoot managers and others who allow us access to their ‘ground’ is much appreciated. The enthusiasm of everyone involved allows us to proceed with confidence.

Thanks to everyone for your help and patience over the last difficult period. We appreciate that the Covid difficulties are not yet over but hope they will not disrupt our activities again.

Special thanks to two members of the committee of the Club who have recently retired. Maurice Stanbury who served over many years as Chairman, Spaniel Field Trial Secretary and in many other roles. His influence over the character of the Club is something we all acknowledge. Charles Bradfield who has served as Treasurer over several years including the recent difficult times. He has modernised the processes and leaves the Club in a strong financial position. Thanks to both, who we are sure will continue to support and enjoy attendance at Club events.

We are delighted to confirm that we have invited three senior members to become Honorary Life Members of the Club. I am delighted that all three have accepted. These are members who have contributed to our sport over a long period of time. I would hope that this is something that we will be able to repeat in future years effectively creating the Club’s own New Year’s Honours. Maurice Stanbury who has been for many years contributed in so many ways to the success of the club, not least as Chairman and Spaniel Field Trial Secretary. Gordon Hewitt also a long-standing member of the committee whose Working Tests were remarkable and whose lawn has frequently borne the scars of our activities. Richard Preest, always a strong supporter of the club, and a great contributor to the sport as a whole.

To all members whether involved for training or competition or both, or simply because of your interest, we would say that you are “Welcome” and we would encourage your involvement in all aspects of the Club.

Chris Jones Chairman


The annual subscriptions became due on 1 March 2022.

Single £10, Joint £15. Joining/rejoining fee for new or lapsed members is £10. Membership secretary is Caroline Rawlings, 07967 396271. Please ring Caroline for her address to send in signed paperwork.

Reminder please note that only fully paid-up members are eligible to enter club events.

To view Club events or find Test / Trial information then please refer to our constantly updated and new website (www.ndwgc.co.uk) or, join our Facebook page.


Date: Tuesday May 17th at 07:00 pm
Christopher Jones is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting https://us05web.zoom.us/j/85681204121?pwd=a0VkbHVwWG9QWmpWaFlXZnF3a2lSUT09 Meeting ID: 856 8120 4121
Passcode: ndwgc

1. Those present.
2. Apologies for absence.
3. Minutes of last AGM and matters arising from them. 4. Chairmans Report.
5. Accounts and Finance reports.
6. Membership Secretary’s report.
7. Working Test Secretaries reports.
8. Field trial Secretaries reports.
9. Training report.
10. Appointment of officers:

Vice chairman
Field Trial Secretaries Working Test Secretaries

11. Retirements.

12. AOB

At the present time, all posts are filled, however any member wishing to put their name forward for position of Officer or Member of the Committee, should inform the Hon. Sec. (gs@ndwgc.co.uk) or telephone 01271 378980 one week prior to the meeting.

We look forward to a strong attendance at the AGM to ensure that the Club continues to succeed.


The club will be running a full summer training programme again this year for both Spaniels and Retrievers, tailored to meet their individual needs in the shooting field. There will be a course of lessons with both club and guest trainers to help train you, to train your dog.

Please remember this is NOT dog obedience classes, we do expect a reasonable level of basic obedience before coming to the classes.

This year we will be holding our Introductory Meeting on Saturday 16th April at Filleigh Village Hall, (NO DOGS PLEASE) starting at 2.00pm.


We have a local vet coming along to give a talk on, worming, flea treatment, vaccinations and kennel cough.

After the talk by our vet, we will have a short talk on what is planned for the summer, the trainers will then be on hand to answer any questions you may have with regards to your individual training issues.

Complimentary refreshments will be available after the talk in the village hall where you can then enrol on the training course.

The cost of lessons will be £55.00 payable in full at the meeting.

Anyone attending the classes will need as a minimum, a whistle and lanyard, slip lead, training dummies (at least 2) and a bag to carry your training equipment in.

The club shop will be present offering a wide range of gundog training equipment at very competitive prices.

This year we will also be running additional ‘Picking up’ training every other Wednesday evening throughout the summer. Priced at £15.00 per session, payable on the night.

To book a place at this meeting and on the training please email your name and contact details to training@ndwgc.co.uk

Filleigh Village Hall, Filleigh, Barnstaple, Devon, EX32 0RS

For direction, www.filleighvillagehall.org.uk Graham Dibble (club training co-ordinator)


Working tests are designed to simulate real situations that are found in the field on a shooting day but do not involve live game. They are always great fun and provide a valuable opportunity for the less experienced handler to enter into competition. They are a wonderful learning opportunity – as well as being very sociable (always the chance for a picnic!) – and attract lots of participants who enjoy working their dogs during the summer.

If you would like to learn more but do not feel ready to compete, then helping at a working test provides a useful opportunity to find out what it’s all about. If you would like to find out more then please speak to one of the Club trainers or contact the Working Test Secretary (Retrievers) – Rachel Waldron 07796 168164 or (Spaniels) – Nigel Franklin 07917 208271

As a reminder, please note that Working tests are run under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations. Any dog that has received a reward including a Certificate of Merit in a Field Trial, will not be eligible to run in a Novice Working test.

Sunday 1st MayOpen Retriever Working Test

Venue: North Molton Shoot (What3Words: purest.date.bloodshot)
Judges: Mr Nick Coates, Mr Keith Sandercock, Ms Julie Taylor
Entries close: Friday 22nd April (5 pm)

Sunday 26th JuneNovice Retriever Working Test

Venue: Sampford Peverell (What3Words: readily.clattered.curly)
Judges: Mr Steve Ashby, Mrs Helen Ford, Ms Beth Payne
Entries close: Friday 17 June (5 pm)

Schedule, entry forms and payments details (BACS payments only) available on NDWGC website. Final directions to be sent with running orders.

Saturday 6 August – Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate

Open to both Spaniels and Retrievers.
Cost £25
Assessors to be announced – keep your eyes on Facebook and the Website. All enquiries to Nigel Franklin, WTSS, contact details on the website.

Saturday 6 August – Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate

Open to both Spaniels and Retrievers.
Cost £25
Assessors to be announced – keep your eyes on Facebook and the Website.
All enquiries to Nigel Franklin, WTSS, contact details on the website.

Sunday 28 August (am)A/V Spaniel Novice Working Test

Venue: Hall Farm Molland
Judges: M Aled Jones (A3412) and Russ Woodward (np 3986)
Entries close: Saturday 20 August

Sunday 28 August (pm)A/V Spaniel Open Working Test

Venue: Hall Farm Molland
Judges: M Aled Jones (A3412) and Russ Woodward (np 3986)
Entries close: Saturday 20 August

Sunday 11 SeptemberSpaniel Novice Working Test – using cold game

Venue: Hall Farm Molland
Judges: Jeremy Davies (A3316) and Maurice Stanbury (np)
Entries close: Saturday 3 September

Entry forms available on the website, to be sent to Nigel Franklin at Hall Farm, Molland, Devon EX36 3NJ. Please enclose SAE or an email address for directions and a copy of the draw


We are hoping to hold a mock field trial for A/V Spaniel in October, limited to 12 dogs and handlers. This will be aimed at first time trial people or, those with little experience.
Also in the pipeline, two walked up days on live game. Dates and venues to be confirmed These events will be on the website and Facebook as soon as we can All enquiries to Nigel Franklin WTSS, contact details on the website


STAKE 1 – Novice AV Spaniel (except Cocker) Held at the Blannicombe Shoot by kind permission of Gareth Stevens on 2 October 2021. JUDGES: Nick Gregory and Neil Harris
1 Stockingford Sputnik – Andrew Stevens
2  Nimiway Jonti – Ray Titchner
3  Syncerus Saladin – Simon Blackman
4  Kaliskaqartz Kodi – Brendan Lanigan
Sperrinside Tadhg of Carkees – M A Cox
Wiscombe Muscat – S Chichester
Nicaris Total Eclipse – C Rawlings
Lillywalter Blossom – J Cook
GUNS CHOICE: Langstroth Bergerac of Boggwater Kevin John

STAKE 2 – Novice Cocker Spaniel
Held on the Castle Hill Estate by kind permission of Head Keeper Mr Brian Mitchell and the Castle Hill Shoot on 4 October 2021.
JUDGES: Aled Jones and Russ Woodward

1  Caerfyrddins Eira Tempes – Lindsay Corbett
2  Centrewalk Skipper – Richard Preest (handled by Jon West)
3  Sedgeberrow Shelby – Nick Gregory
4  Windydown Bluebell of Lee Glen – Graham West
Little Jimmy Boy – Robert Wilmott

GUNS CHOICE: Episcopi Zest – Anita Jones
STAKE 3 – Open AV Spaniel (Exc. Cocker)
Held at the Spreacombe Shoot by kind invitation of Mr Bryan Stevens on 20 October 2021. JUDGES: Simon Jones and Terri Siwek

1 Dashbrook Midsummer – Steve Bolton
2  Steelhouse Crack of Thunder – Debra Gibson (handled by Mark Gibson)
3  Esgob Floss – Alice Wise
4  Countryways Railey of Windbush -Dave Templar
Shiveck Zoli – Sally Jenkins
Draigcoch Ella – Alice Wise
Kirstzo Genie – Russ Woodward
Shellspoon Time to Shine – Andy Falconer
GUNS CHOICE: Dashbrook Midsummer Steve Bolto
STAKE 4 – OPEN Spaniel Cocker
Held on the Maristow Estate by kind permission of Head Keeper Gary Liddle on 16 December 2021. JUDGES: Jeremy Davies and Richard Biggs
Easterbrook Gould Trophy won by Strigidae Rough Quest of Temple Valley
1 Strigidae Rough Quest of Temple Valley – Angelo Lo Curto
2 Rusty Freddie – Rob Wilmott
3 Howesyke Amy – James Luxford
GUNS CHOICE: Mobray Salver won by Mallowdale Foden of Countryways Dave Templar

STAKE 5 – Novice AV Retriever

Held at Bulworthy, Alverdiscott by kind permission of Mr Geoff May on Monday 13 December 2021.

JUDGES: Sara Chichester A184, Nick Coates A223, Beth Payne NP3978 and Mandy Smith NP
Grayspeed Trophy won by Annaloughan Scott of Wickmoor

  1. Annaloughan Scott of Wickmoor – Glen Lambert
  2. Winbeck Loyal Kinsman of Tanserswell – Margaret Allen
  3. Jocksburn Macey At Delfryd – Alan Rees

GUNS CHOICE: Club Tankard won by Winbeck Loyal Kinsman of Tanderswell

STAKE 6 14 Dog Open Qualifying Stake for AV Retrievers

Castle Hill Estate, Filleigh, Devon by kind permission of Castle Hill Shoot and Brian Mitchell – Wednesday 15 December 2021.

This stake was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid.


Open AV Retriever 3 October 2022 at the Honeycombe Estate Dorset.
Novice AV Retriever 12 December 2022
Open AV Retriever 14 December 2022