Working Test Results 2022

AV Spaniel Novice and Open Working Tests 28th August 2022

The A/V spaniel novice working test was held on 28th August held at Molland estate bkpo Molland estate and generously sponsored by Skinners. Our thanks go to our judges Aled Jones, Russ Woodward and Caroline Rawlings, also to our helpers who worked tirelessly throughout the day, without their help these events can’t take place.

The Judges set a great Novice Test in some lovely rushy ground with a seen and a tricky blind followed by a water test under Caroline to finish. It was a long day with 26 runners but I think everyone enjoyed their day.  The results were as follows

1st and Novice Handler Megan Jones with Herminey Hope ESS

2nd Ellie Scott with Holsworthy Magic ESS

3rd Rachael Headon with Nicaris Spica ESS

4th Adrian Brown with Hesperus Odin ESS

CoMs to Hayley Matthews with Woodabudge Tamarillo and Tregarth Ava (CS)

Chris Jones, Snapperhalt Umpire (ESS), Chris Baker, Enasgem Lexi (CS)

Congratulations to all in the awards and thanks to everyone for their patience and for creating a lovely friendly atmosphere.


A/V Spaniel Open Working Test 28th August 2022
The club held its annual open test at Molland bkpo Molland estate and generously sponsored by Roger Skinner once again. Our judges, Aled Jones and Russ Woodward shadowed by Caroline Rawlings set a great test in some lovely rushy ground full of scent. There was a blind retrieve with a distraction seen, with both dummies to be retrieved followed by a tricky seen after some further hunting. All the dogs performed well, making this the perfect end to a long day for everyone involved 
Our thanks to the judges and helpers for making this a lovely day

1 Julia Griffiths, Remington Scout ESS D

2 Simon Hudson, Shillingains Wilfred Cocker D

3 Dennis Wills, Rhydders Aphrodite ESS D

4 Tim Williams Gentle Georgie Girl Cocker B

Becky Franklin Clumsetter Peskipiksi Cocker B
Val Brookes Autumn Willow Hester ESS B


The open Gundog Working Test for Retrievers was held at North Molton, courtesy of the North Molton Shoot and surrounding landowners.

The damp conditions didn’t cloud the day and there were 19 runners enjoying the varied tests on the wonderful ground.  The Club were grateful to Skinners for sponsoring this event.

Judges were Mr Nick Coates, Mr Keith Sandercock and Ms Julie Taylor.  Everyone enjoyed being out in a slightly more ‘normal’ world to the last two years, and results were as follows:

1st        Lullaby Reggie (Mr J Daly)

2nd       Peterspond Squirrel (Mrs Karen Handley)

3rd        Zennawood Pitch Perfect (Jessica Latham)

4th        Sentiero Fizz (Shane King)

Two COMs were awarded

Ashoaks Spindle (Felicity Green)

Culpepper Greenwood (Nigel Sheppard)


Well done to all competitors who took part in the above event held on new ground at Uplowman, Tiverton, courtesy of Mr James Bosley.  25 competitors enjoyed the varied tests and the weather was kind.  Many thanks to the judges Mr Steve Ashby, Mrs Helen Ford and Mrs Beth Payne and to Skinners for sponsoring this event.


1st        Kitleylawn Aracea Aconitum (Janice Tall)

2nd       Trentinney Shotgun (Sally Ashby)

3rd        Castletioram Nighean Alba (Mervyn Newnes)

4th        Golden Sun handled (Shane King)

Three COMs awarded to

Highdunscott Indigo (David Heath)

Studebaker Dacia (Maureen Jennings)

Ashport Mr Fantastic (Zena Churchward)

These events cannot take place without the valued support and time given by the many helpers both before and on the day, – huge thanks to you all.