Working Test Results 2017

1 – Sunday 2nd April – Open AV Retriever Working Test.

Venue – The North Molton Shoot, by kind permission of Robert Mitchell and the North Molton Syndicate


  1. Movenne Cougar at Tunnelwood Sally Ashby
  2. Mowbarton Lexi Mae Victoria Pitcher
  3. Astraglen Italia Alex Brain
  4. Lillyhorn Peregrine Caroline Nunneley

COM: Tunnelwood Peppershrike Steve Ashby

Judges: Nick Coates, Helen Ford and Charlotte Weir.








2 – Sunday 14th May – Novice AV Retriever Working Test.

Venue: Mornacott Shoot (EX36 3QS) by kind permission of the land owner Andrew Blowers and Head Keeper Toby Penton.


  1. Julie Kelvie lab d Willowyck Joxer
  2.  Steve Ashby fcr d Tunnelwood Phantom
  3. Pete Nicholas lab d Skanseara Rockefeller
  4. R Stacey lab d Somerset Barley

COM: J Burnett lab d Haydonwood Mr Sanchez

Judges: Judy Rainey, Jo Fergie and John Hodge







3. Sunday 9th July – AV Retriever Working Test Puppy followed by the Novice working test (incorporating young handler)

Venue – The Temple Shoot by kind permission of Jeremy Boyd and Daniel Hartford.

Puppy Results:

  1. Fendawood Jacob Kevin Philips
  2. Jade of Skeviot Simon Hagain
  3. Kaliture Coconut Star of Foxcote Jill Gardner
  4. Movenne Sabine Barbara Dolman

Novice Results:

  1. Zennawood Dark Angel Jessica Latham
  2. Laverton Meadow Cowslip Sarah Lowman
  3. Percy Pine of Skylight Jo Fergie
  4. Polihle Grizzly Bear Jill Gardner


Young Handler – 

Judges: Keith Sandercock, Roger Davies, Graham Dibble and Julie Taylor.

4. Sunday 27th August – AV Novice Spaniel Working Test (incorporating novice handler)

Venue: By kind permission of Julie Kelvie and John Mackledon.


  1. Ess Glynebwy Marley. Chris Jones
  2. Cs Kenquince Paint it Black of Rosekeeper Donna Turner
  3. Essa Angels Grace of Trenode Brian Smith also Novice Handler
  4. Cs Turbury Oldshoremore Juliet Turrell


Ess Kenquince Hot Right Now G Dibble
Ess Gignesthai Bray Tor at Hawkoak D Clark
Cs Nicaris Cooper Quaid N Harris
Ess Arbus Powers One is Enough C Pope
Ess Gwyn of Glangavenny J & J Clarke
Ess Creccamarsh Siskin of Turbury J Turrell

Judges: Maurice Stanbury, Lesley Keate and Louise Burnell.