Working Test Results 2015

4. Sunday 30th August

AV Novice Spaniel Working Test (incorporating novice handler), held at Combe, Brushford, Dulverton. by kind permission of Julie Kelvie and John Mackelden

Judges: Mrs Alice WIse, Mrs Louise Burnell and Mr Alec Stentiford


1. Warrencops Pipit – Sara Warren, also winner of the Novice Handler trophy

2. Jacksons Spangled Dazzler – Caroline Rawlings

3. Belle Ringer – June Gregory

4. Aveegotun Cornish Piskie – Morwenna McNally


3. Sunday 12th July

AV Retriever Working Test Puppy am – Novice pm (incorporating young handler) held at Spa Wood, Filleigh

Judges: Nick Coates (A2233), Julie Kelvie, Susan Woods and Gillian Yates

Results Puppies:

1. Castlemans Sahara of Ashport – Zena Churchward

2. Tunnelwood Phantom – Steve Ashby

3. Morvenne Cougar at Tunnelwood – Sally Ashby

4. Glasybont God Apollo – Frank Fitheridge

Results Novice:

1. Mowbarton Lexi Mae – Victoria Pitcher

2. Flatgolds Covey at Tunnelwood – Steve Ashby

3. Highdunscott Torvil of Skyflight – Jo Fergie

4. Cadover Alder at Tunnelwood – Steve Ashby

12.07.16 novice

2. Sunday 17th May

Novice AV Retriever Working Test (incorporating Novice Dog/Novice Handler) held at Castle Hill, Filleigh by kind permission of the Fortescue Estate and Brian Mitchell

Judges: Judy Rainey (A59), Chris Steer and Graham Dibble


1. Weststall Shadow of Hawkerline – Matt Gould

2. Grouseland Connie – Mark Twiggs

3. Cynhinfa Nat of Liliarch – Shane Padbury

4. Leaworthy Jenny of Wickmoor – Glenn Lambert 
COM Clearmeadow Alec – June Barrie
COM Haraka Kat of Grayspeed – Robin Gray


1. Sunday 5th April

Open AV Retriever Working Test held at The North Molton Shoot, by kind permission of Robert Mitchell, the North Molton Syndicate and the Kellaway family.

Judges: Keith Sandercock (B2498), Stuart Robson and Bruce Ross-Smith


  1. Lubbecke Royal Sapphir – Gill Yates
  2. Hanrebor Blackberry – Frank Fitheridge
  3. Grayspeed Kapuki – Robin Gray

Streamcombe the Undertaker at Deadcraft – Judy Rainey