March 2021 – Club News

Yes there are signs of life within the Club.

Full consideration has been given to the ‘Roadmap’ out of lockdown.  Appreciating that the dates given by the Government are ‘no earlier than’.

A committee meeting has taken place by ‘Zoom’ and this was relatively successful so it is proposed to have an AGM by Zoom on Saturday 24th April at 2pm. Notice with an Agenda will be forwarded by e-mail but if there are matters that members would prefer to raise in written form then please forward any item to be discussed preferably by e-mail to

It is anticipated that there will be further news/directions from the Kennel Club.

We are bound to adopt a cautious approach.  The Kennel Club guidelines are likely to be quite onerous and difficulties with Covid 19 are unlikely to go away altogether. We will continue to consider the impact on those who support the Club in any way but particularly by providing ground for our competitions and any other activity.   The Committee takes the view that we should now put in place some dates for our activities including competitions to resume but we are sure you will appreciate that these activities are dependent on many factors that are out of our control.

The Club membership renewal date was 1st March. In 2019 the membership rate was increased – if you have not adjusted your standing order to £10 (single) or £15 (joint) you will not be a full member so please give this your attention now. Contact

The Training season would usually commence with a meeting of interested and new members in April. This is clearly going to need to be delayed this year but we hope that a short but full programme of Training can be provided.  We have to consider how we will cope with any increased demand and it would be helpful if you are interested in Club organised Training that you make this known. Please contact the Training administrator with your details.

Further details of the training will follow but the possibility of groups of 30 outdoors after the 17th May will be considered but it is more likely that large groups and the attendance of ‘professional trainers’ will be arranged for after the 21st June.  We nevertheless hope that the training will be sufficient to ensure that you will be ready for the 2021/2022 shooting season.

We have considered that the popularity of our Novice Tests ought to lead us to give ‘Novice’ competition priority but we certainly do wish to have challenging ‘Open’ competitions as soon as possible.

While venues are still to be finalised :
> A Novice Retriever Working Test will take place on Sunday 8th August 2021
> A Novice all varieties Spaniel Working Test will take place on Sunday 29th August 2021
Particular thanks go to those who have committed to organising and assisting at these enjoyable events.

The Club Shop is well stocked and continues to be run by Graham Dibble in addition to his role in coordinating the Club Training schemes.  Items of Training equipment are likely to be available at most if not all of the Club events including training days.

It is hoped that we will be able to attend with our Club Stand and Shop at the various shows over the summer where we try to introduce ourselves to the community and be a part of the entertainment available to all.

While we do need to recruit new members of the committee the vacancy for a Spaniel Field Trial Secretary has been filled by Val Brookes who is new to the committee and we hope will be confirmed at the AGM.

We hope that a full programme of Trials will be arranged soon and we have offers of some fabulous ‘ground’.

The first Trial to be arranged is a Novice all varieties except cocker stake at Blannicombe Shoot near Honiton on Monday 4th October 2021.

The position of Retriever Field Trial Secretary is still to be filled but the committee has a number of members who have been Secretary in the past so work is being done to ensure that we have venues and support for a programme of Trials.

If you have experience of Field Trials please consider whether you are able to take on a role in the organisation of these competitions.

If you think you can help in any capacity then contact anyone on the committee whether you know us or not. We hope we are a friendly Club and all enjoy the work we put in to making the Club a success.  You will also get a great deal out of your involvement and enjoy considerable support from experienced Dog handlers and trainers.

Please watch the website, Facebook page and Facebook group for further details of our events.  It will be made clear how to make contact and we look forward to seeing you ‘in person’ as soon as possible.


Christopher Jones